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What does Home mean to you?

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Written January 6th, 2018

Wow, it's been almost a year since I visited here. Not to say there aren't other things I've written in other places, but here sharing with the few and faithful is where I feel most at home.

Speaking of home, I lost part of my Home last year. My father went to his new heavenly home in December 2017. While losing a loved one is such a hard thing to live with, I think the harder part was watching him deteriorate over the past years. He indeed was the first man I ever loved and will love forever. This is what I wrote the morning after he left.

My daddy passed away last night

He now walks on streets of gold,

The angel choir was there to greet him,

with those gone on before.

His joy today can’t be contained, His pain it's gone forever, While basking in the love of God The One who died to save him. My heart may ache and long for him, I'd never bring him back, His journey here has been completed and mine is still in task. I pray that he will guide my steps From there up high above me, Just as he did while here on earth While standing right beside me. A greater man I'll never know His strength and love for me was strong His whole life spent for me to feel Cared for, loved and nurtured. Until that day when I see him again I'll do my best to follow The blueprints he left for me A good and faithful servant. ~Brenda Johnson As you can see I was then and am still now feeling the heart break and sorrow for him leaving. I know he is so much better off. My Christian faith and the belief of a heavenly home that my dad helped culture in my soul gives me great comfort. Another big decision in my life also happened last September. I am planning to retire. July of 2018 is the target time frame. It's a big decision. I've been working on getting all the ducks in a row to leave my steady bi-monthly paycheck behind. Don't worry I'm not going blindly. I have other plans in the works with every confidence that I am making a step in the right direction.

My family and my health is a top priority for me now. If anything watching my Fathers deterioration has helped open my eyes that's it more important than ever to be aware of our health. Watching my older relatives suffer with health issues makes me want to find a better solution. Is it possible to live healthier longer or is it just that your stuck with the genes you get? I don't know. But what I do know is in nature, better conditions usually produce better quality. Animals that have healthy environments usually produce better quality product. You wouldn't put water in your car's gas tank so why would you put sub-standard nutrition in your body? Something to think about!

So bring on 2018, I am ready for challenges to reach the goals I've set. Not unrealistic goal, but specific goals in Health, Wealth and Relationships.

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