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Are you Living the Life you want to Live?

 Hello and welcome to my website! 


This will help you get to know me but I'd really love to get to know you too!


In fact why don't you give me a call!  I am thinking you are looking for a solution to a problem?  Maybe you need to lose a few sticky pounds.  Maybe you don't sleep well or perhaps you just need some help in the energy department.  Yes! I can help you get the products you need to help you with all of that, and offer you a supportive, happy, healthy group to belong to that is ready to lift you up, give you great suggestions on exercise and self care, healthy recipes, and so many other benefits.  Just pick up the phone and give me a call, I would love to help you become the best version of yourself. 




About Me

Anyone who knows me knows my favorite place is on a sunny beach somewhere warm where I live, with my family and my horses and my friends all nearby.  

Yes, I am loving life.  Each and every day is a gift that I accept.  MY intent is to share that gift with everyone I come in contact with.  

I am on a journey and would love to fill my traveling vessel with like minded passengers...  

520-979-5199 www.believingachieving_edited.jpg

My Life.... 

Grandmama' , A'ma or Ma'key

I am Grandmama' to five beautiful grand kids.  They have all developed my name to their liking.  They are a huge highlight of my life.  Stick around a while or check out my Facebook or Instagram and you'll see just how much I love being a Grandmama'

My Health Journey

It was May 2016 I was 54 and my birthday was coming in June.  I had tried everything to lose weight. From cabbage soup to popcorn and all those crazy diets in between. I was tired, over weight and frustrated.  No matter what I tried NOTHING WORKED.  Then My Mind shifted...  

My Blog.... 

I don't blog a lot and usually only when the emotions take me places that I don't want anyone to see.  The link is here if you'd like to check it out. I will warn you, most are sad, most are true, most are from the heart and some are just plain silly.  So enter at your own risk.

Mesquite Trail Ride
Believing & Achieving - Isagenix
Believing & Achieving   

Did you ever just wanna hop on a horse and ride.  Yes.. that's exactly what we do on the Mesquite Trail Ride.  Beautiful Country, Cool nights, Warm Days, Amazing dinners and Awesome entertainment.  Check it out and join us. 

So you've seen my personal Facebook page, this is my business Facebook Page.  I'd love for you to check it out and like and follow.  Here you'll see everything Isagenix.  New product info and old products I use because you don't know how good you can feel until you feel this Good!  Thanks for stopping by.  Be sure to like and follow and drop me a hello.

Market Disrupters- 

Yes Isagenix has quite a few.  What is a market disrupter, for one their amazing.  Stand alone products that have out performed themselves.  Here's a link to help you take a look at our Collagen Elixir.  Feel free to click and watch, then come back and let me know what you think!  

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